DD3 – Departmental Design 3: Urban and Architectural Design course of the Department of Urban Planning and Design
code: BMEEPUIT801
person in charge: Dr. habil BENKŐ Melinda PhD


The DD3 course of the Department of Urban Planning and Design focuses on middle class mass housing neighborhood planned as an urban unit with residential buildings, public facilities, open space, etc. Csepel, the 21th district of Budapest, as a former industrial town, is the site of several neighborhood units inherited from the second half of the 20th century. Their development and renewal design demand a complex approach that balance social and physical components. The semester project is based on scale transformations between city, district, housing estate, neighborhood unit and building, to  understand the post-socialist context and design a sustainable, and livable urban environment for all.

DD3 is conducted  in Hungarian and  in English for international students. Each studio is run by master level students , doctoral students and lecturers. In the English course compulsory presentations are held on Mondays and the three common presentations with Hungarian students ending the three phases of the semester – 1st artistic (2-3 weeks individual work), 2nd scientific (2-3 weeks in teams) and the 3rd design phase (6-7 weeks individual or work in pair) – are delivered on Thursdays.

Lecturers in the English course: Regina BALLA, Dániel VERMES, Dr. habil Melinda BENKŐ PhD

Several ongoing academic and professional activities shape the topics of this course on mass housing. For more information click the links below: