STÉG – pier on the Danube

STÉG – pier on the Danube
Építész Klub x B-terv x KÉK

This year the ‘Építész Klub’ with the student of ‘MOME’ and the ‘B-terv’ team together have a planning venue before building Z, where we will have a design week to show how cool the Danube embankment can be!

The ‘Építész Klub’ will build a pier and installations where beside the nice panorama you can try to put ‘ice-boats’ on Danube. In the 1st half of the studio week we will have a common planning, than in the 2nd half of the week we will build the best ideas.

With the B-terv group we will make plans for the area (quay) with ‘pixel art’ technique, what with the spacial paint effect will ‘shine’ during the night. In the studio week you max lear the technique, and we will try the best ideas for real on the Budapest100 urban festival!

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The best ideas will be installed for real on the Budapest100 festival 22-23nd of April!

Follow the signs from Szent-Gellért square and you will find us!